First Response Environmental Analysis

Meteorological Instruments for Hazmat and Emergency Weather Stations

Accurate Plume Modelling

In emergency conditions, fires and where hazardous airborne contaminants are present it is critical to observe real-time environmental conditions for accurate plume modelling. With this data first responders are able to plan and take the most appropriate action.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid deployment of wind sensors and weather instruments is essential during emergency situations so that data can be collected immediately. Instruments and sensors are typically mounted on an easily transportable tri-pod, with sensors such as the Gill WindSonic providing data from as little as 5 seconds after switch on.

Recommended Weather Instruments for First Response Environmental Analysis...

  • MetPak

    MetPak is a compact, multi-sensor weather station. Monitored parameters include: Wind Speed & Direction; Air Temperature; Relative Humidity; Barometric Pressure and Dew Point.

    Max Wind Speed 60m/s (135mph)
    Construction UV stabilised white thermoplastic
    Operating Temperature -35°C to +70°C
    Weight 0.6kg (including 10m cable)
  • WindSonic M

    WindSonic M has a hard-anodized aluminium alloy construction and optional heating system extending the operational temperature range. This rugged product is particularly suited to extreme environments.

    Max Wind Speed 60m/s (134mph)
    Construction Aluminium
    Heated Option Yes
    Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C with heating
    Weight 0.9kg (31.7 ounces)