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WindMaster Logo 3D sonic anemometers

High quality, general purpose 3-axis (3D) wind sensors

WindMaster 3D sonic anemometers
3D ultrasonic anemometer

High quality, general purpose 3-axis (3D) wind sensors

WindMaster 3-axis ultrasonic anemometers are used to gather high value information by a range of customers. Users include wind energy site surveyors, military engineers and research scientists. WindMaster has also been selected by a number of global OEMs and system integrators as a core sensor within their systems.

Models are also available with a horizontal head design for highly accurate vertical flow analysis or right-angled head design for restricted installation scenarios.

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3D sonic anemometers


WindMaster Pro multi-purpose 3-axis anemometers

WindMaster Pro

windmaster ra Right angled anemometer

WindMaster RA

windmaster hs horizontal head anemometer

WindMaster HS

WindMaster 3-axis ultrasonic anemometers (wind sensors) - more details

Designed and manufactured by Gill Instruments in the UK, WindMaster 3-axis ultrasonic anemometers accurately and reliably measure wind speed and direction (or air flow) in three dimensions.

High performance measurement at fast output rates (up to 32Hz) allows WindMaster anemometers to provide data to inform research or provide control information to other systems such as building ventilation or unmanned vessels. 

Output protocol options for the WindMaster range include RS232, RS422 & RS485 as well as current or voltage analogue output options.

Environmental protection to IP65 across all WindMaster models.

Ultrasonic technology provides accurate and reliable wind speed and direction data using solid state technology, with no moving parts, reducing the need for maintenance and making WindMaster ideal for harsh weather environments and remote locations.