• Compare 2 Axis Anemometers

Gill offers two ranges of 2-axis anemometers (sometimes referred to as 2D anemometers): WindSonic and WindObserver.

WindSonic Range – cost effective, high performance 2-axis ultrasonic anemometers
The WindSonic range consists of high quality, multi-purpose anemometers. The range is suitable for most applications, is available in a range
of materials for different environments and with a range of output formats. The product incorporates a reflector design and is available with or without heating.

WindObserver Range – precision 2-axis ultrasonic anemometers for demanding applications
The WindObserver range is based on an open head design. This allows for higher wind speed measurement and greater accuracy when the
angle of wind flow is increased. With higher output rates, a range of output formats and a robust stainless steel design, the range is popular for
specialist applications such as marine, airport and wind power generation.

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2-Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer Wind Sensor Range

WindSonic 2-Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer Range

Key Features WindSonic Range Key Features
  • Solid-state - no moving parts
  • High accuracy
  • Low cost
  • Multiple output options
  • Excellent reliability, low maintenance

The Gill WindSonic is a range of low-cost ultrasonic anemometers capable of monitoring up to 60m/s wind speeds. WindSonic M has an all-aluminium construction and anti-icing heating option for extreme environments.

WindObserver Anemometer

WindObserver 2-Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer Range

Key Features WindObserver Range Key Features
  • Robust Stainless-Steel Casing
  • Precision Wind Speed & Direction Measurement
  • Suitable for Harsh Industrial Applications
  • Compact & Lightweight

The Gill WindObserver range consists of 2-axis ultrasonic wind sensors offering wind speed (0-90m/s) & direction data in robust stainless-steel housings. The range includes: Intrinsically Safe; High Heating Power; FAA Approval.

WindMaster Anemometer

WindMaster 3-Axis Anemometer Range

Key Features WindMaster Range Key Features
  • Precision Ultrasonic 3D Wind Measurement
  • U, V & W Vector Outputs
  • Aluminium/Carbon Fibre or Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Speed of Sound Output
  • Sonic Temperature Output

The Gill WindMaster range of 3-axis ultrasonic wind sensors provide wind speed (0-45m/s and 0-65m/s) and direction (0-359º) data. 3-vector outputs are available (U, V, W), along with speed of sound and sonic temperature outputs.

HS Anemometer

Research 3-Axis Anemometer Range

Key Features Research Range Key Features
  • Professional Ultrasonic 3D Wind Measurement
  • U, V & W Vector Outputs
  • Ideal for Eddy Covariance Analysis
  • Ideal for study of Turbulent Airflows

The Gill Research range of 3-axis ultrasonic wind sensors is particularly suited to Eddy Covariance analysis. Research anemometers are available with 50Hz or 100Hz output rates and will provide U, V, W vector, Sonic temperature & speed of sound outputs.