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Wind Speed Measurement on Bridges

Wind Speed & Direction Measurement on Bridges

In bridge applications it is important to monitor both wind speed and direction, however due to the height above ground it is often also necessary to also monitor the vertical axis of the wind. This requires the use of a 3-axis anemometer. In these applications the wind information is important to determine cable vibration, wind loading on vehicle traffic or structural twisting of the bridge itself.

Gill offers a wide range of 3-axis anemometers, which are ideal for this type of application. The WindMaster and R3 ranges both offer 3-axis data in robust packages, designed specifically to withstand the high wind speeds and harsh environments experienced in bridge applications.

Gill 3-axis anemometers have been used for many bridge monitoring applications worldwide, including; On the Millennium bridge across the Thames in London study was undertaken to look at the three dimensional airflow across the bridge; 3-axis anemometers are permanently installed on the Severn-road Bridge across the Bristol Channel, the Tang Mai Bridge in Hong Kong, and the Clifton suspension bridge across the river.

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