Horizontal-Head Anemometers

HS Range

  • Precision Ultrasonic 3D Wind Analysis
  • Highly Accurate Vertical Flow Analysis
  • Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Ideal for Study of Turbulent Airflows

HS-50 Horizontal-Head Anemometer

HS-50 Scientific Anemometer

The Gill HS-50 is a precision ultrasonic anemometer, ideal for scientific research studies. The horizontal head design allows for highly accurate vertical flow analysis with minimal interruption from the anemometer geometry. HS-50 will monitor wind speeds of 0-45m/s and has an update rate of 50Hz.

HS-100 Horizontal-Head Anemometer

HS-100 Scientific Anemometer

HS-100 uses the same robust stainless-steel horizontal-head design as the HS-50, with a faster update rate of 100Hz. This anemometer is ideal for precision scientific research applications including eddy covariance analysis.

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