Mast and pole mounted ultrasonic anemometers

Gill Instruments offers an extensive range of ultrasonic anemometers for simple installation on a mast or pole.

Solid-state. Accurate. Reliable.

Reliable Technology

Our anemometers use proven ultrasonic technology for supreme accuracy and reliability

Maintenance Free

Gill products are designed to operate for long periods with no requirement for routine maintenance or calibration.

Simple Installation on a
Mast or Pole

Gill pole-mount anemometers feature simple clamp and screw fixings for quick, simple installation

Suitable for Extreme Environments

All products are designed for operation in extreme environmental conditions. Selected models have high heating power for operation in freezing environments.

High Accuracy Wind Measurement

Precision wind speed and direction measurement for wind speeds up to 75m/s (168mph)

World Leading

Gill offers the largest range of ultrasonic anemometers in the world today with unrivalled, proven technology.

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