Professional 3D Anemometers

R3 Range

  • Professional Ultrasonic 3D Wind Measurement
  • U, V & W Vector Outputs
  • Ideal for Eddy Covariance Analysis and Study
    of Turbulent Airflows
professional anemometer

R3-50 Professional 3D Anemometer

R3-50 professional anemometer

The Gill R3-50 is a professional 3D ultrasonic anemometer, ideal for Eddy Covariance analysis and the study of turbulent air flows. R3-50 has a wind measurement range of 0-45m/s, offers sonic temperature, speed of sound and U, V & W vector outputs, at an output rate of 50Hz.

R3-100 Professional 3D Anemometer

R3-100 professional anemometer

The Gill R3-100 utilises the same advanced wind measurement technology and robust aluminium/carbon fibre construction as the R3-50, with a faster data output rate of 100Hz.

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