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Compare 2 Axis Anemometers

Gill offers three ranges of 2-axis anemometers (sometimes referred to as 2D anemometers): WindSonic, WindUltra and WindObserver.

WindSonic Range – cost effective, high performance 2-axis ultrasonic anemometers

The WindSonic range consists of high quality, multi-purpose anemometers. The range is suitable for most applications, is available in a range of materials for different environments and with a range of output formats. The product incorporates a reflector design and is available with or without heating.

WindUltra Range – extremely tough, compact and lightweight, high performance 2-axis ultrasonic anemometers

WindUltra anemometers are more compact and lightweight than the WindSonic range and offer innovative mounting features for quick installation and alignment. The range is suitable for most applications and comes with a range of output formats. WindUltra incorporates a reflector design and has low power consumption heating as standard.

WindObserver Range – precision 2-axis ultrasonic anemometers for demanding applications

The WindObserver range is based on an open head design. This allows for higher wind speed measurement and greater accuracy when the angle of wind flow is increased. With higher output rates, a range of output formats and a robust stainless steel design, the range is popular for specialist applications such as marine, airport and wind power generation.


WindSonicWindSonic MWindUltraWindObserverWindObserver IS
Wind speedmodels up to 75m/s0-60m/s0-75m/smodels up to 90m/s0-75m/s
Output rateup to 4Hzup to 4Hzup to 8Hzup to 10Hz WindObserver 65 up to 4 Hz WindObserver 70+up to 4Hz
Digital outputRS232, RS422, RS485, SDI-12, NMEARS232, RS422, RS485, NMEARS485, NMEA, SDI-12, MODBUSRS422, RS485, NMEARS232, RS422, RS485, NMEA (all via PCI)
Analogue outputs V, mAV, mANoV, mANo
Measurements status code outputYesYesYesYesYes
Enhanced calibration availableYesYesNoYesNo
Low power modeYes (SDI-12 model only)NoNoNoNo
HeatingNoup to 100wup to 7wup to 168wNo
Constructionpolycarbonatealuminiumthermoplastic & stainless steelstainless steelstainless steel
Approvals/ acceptanceCAA/FAA, Lloyds RegisterIECEx/ ATEX
Weight0.5kg0.9kgSensor 0.15kg, 1″ (25-26mm) pole mount 0.12kgfrom 1.4kgfrom 1.9kg
Height163mm163mm189mm with 1″ (25-26mm) pole mount, 107mm with 2″ (35-52mm) mount389mm380mm
IP ratingIP66IP66IP69kIP66IP66