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Research quality 3-axis (3D) ultrasonic wind sensors

scientific grade anemometer
scientific grade anemometer

Research quality 3-axis (3D) ultrasonic wind sensors

Gill 3-axis Research range of ultrasonic anemometers offers users a number of different instruments. This range is valued for the quality of its measurements and is used by recognised experts to gather data they reply upon for their research and publications. 

The Research range includes models featuring horizontal head configurations for highly accurate vertical flow analysis, with minimal interruption from anemometer geometry. These models have a built in inclinometer to assist set-up on towers or masts.

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R3-50 Research wind anemometer


RS-100 Research wind anemometer


HS 50 scientific grade anemometer



Research 3-axis ultrasonic anemometers (wind sensors) - more details

Designed and manufactured by Gill Instruments in the UK, Gill Research 3-axis ultrasonic anemometers provide high accuracy with fast and reliable output rates.  

High performance measurement, output rates up to 100Hz and a choice of head configuration to support varied research scenarios make Gill Research anemometers a popular choice for environmental, meteorological, commercial and other scientific research applications.   

Output protocol options for the Research range include RS422. (RS232 and analogue outputs are available options via PCI/PCIA). 

Environmental protection to IP65 across all Research models.

Ultrasonic technology provides highly accurate and reliable wind speed and direction data using solid state technology, with no moving parts, reducing the need for maintenance and making the Gill Research range of 3D anemometers ideal for harsh weather environments and remote locations.