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MaxiMet Logo - Compact, integrated, multi-parameter weather stations

Compact, integrated, multi-parameter weather stations

Compact, integrated, multi-parameter weather stations
Compact Weather Station

Compact, integrated, multi-parameter weather stations

MaxiMet® compact weather stations have been deployed by a wide range of commercial, scientific and government organisations. The models are used on land and marine applications both for stand-alone measurement or integrated into larger systems. The MaxiMet® range is popular for its robust design, accurate measurement and ease of use.

Key Features

Typical Applications

MaxiMet technical information

MaxiMet GMX 200

MaxiMet GMX200

MaxiMet GMX 500 Compact Weather Station

MaxiMet GMX500

MaxiMet GMX 500 Compact Weather Station

MaxiMet Marine GMX560

MaxiMet GMX 600

MaxiMet GMX600

All options have low power Eco Mode included.
Weather Stations with Low Power Consumption

MaxiMet compact, multi-parameter integrated weather stations - more details

Designed and manufactured by Gill Instruments in the UK, MaxiMet® advanced compact weather stations use proven technology to measure meteorological and environmental parameters to international standards.

Cost, quality and performance requirements are met by MaxiMet® which incorporates many measurement parameters required for demanding applications including: wind, precipitation, solar radiation, temperature, humidity, pressure, low power ‘Eco Mode’, GPS, compass and many more. 

Output protocol options for MaxiMet® include RS232, RS422, RS485, SDI-12, MODBUS & NMEA ensuring MaxiMet® is easy to install and easy to use.

Environmental protection to IP66 across all MaxiMet® models and MaxiMet® Marine GMX560 to IP66 and IP68. 

Ultrasonic technology is used in MaxiMet® models to deliver highly accurate measurements with no moving parts to wear or recalibrate. As a result, MaxiMet® is extremely reliable and low maintenance.

Available parameters: Wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative/absolute humidity, pressure, precipitation, solar radiation, GPS coordinates / MSL (Mean Sea-Level) pressure / true wind / clock / longitude and latitude / sunrise / sunset / twilight, ground speed, compass, 2D coordinate/apparent, wind, location, height above sea level, averaging (World Meteorological Organization), gust (World Meteorological Organization), air density, barometric pressure, wet bulb, dew point, wind chill, sensor status information, heat index and more…