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Multi-parameter weather stations with inputs for additional sensors

weather station with multiple sensors 
professional weather station

Multi-parameter weather stations with inputs for additional sensors

MetConnect weather stations are designed to allow easy connection and integration of additional user selected sensors, positioned to suit the application. The concept has been selected by a wide variety of customers including national weather administrations and global multinationals.

Key Features

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MetConnect THP professional weather station

MetConnect THP

MetConnect One professional weather station

MetConnect One

MetConnect flexible weather stations - more details

Designed and manufactured by Gill Instruments in the UK, MetConnect weather stations are the result of over 35 years of experience designing products for the professional weather market, and builds on the success of MetPak.

The Flexible high quality platform is the essence of MetConnect, allowing the user to select the sensors most relevant to their application, and easily combine data from those sensors with data from MetConnect’s integrated sensors. This approach reduces power and communications complexity and provides time synchronized data from multiple sensors.

MetConnect One is an easy to use integrated weather station. MetConnect THP is available if the application does not require wind measurement or the user wishes to select a remote anemometer.

Output protocol options for MetConnect weather stations include RS232, RS422, RS485, SDI-12 and MODBUS.

Environmental protection to IP66/67 with easy to use, robust connectors.

Ultrasonic technology allows MetConnect to deliver highly accurate measurements with no moving parts to wear or recalibrate. As a result, MetConnect is extremely reliable and low maintenance.