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New GILL Instruments website is now live

The website has a new modern look, in keeping with the overall Gill company branding.

The main structure of the website builds on the user flow that we introduced into the old website with:

  • Clear product categories
  • Comparison pages to help customers select the right range
  • Concise product features
  • Clear SUPPORT area with easy to locate documents/downloads

The new website builds on these features with:

  • Logical homepage for new visitors
  • Quick navigation for regular visitors
  • User-friendly product range pages
  • Products within a range presented together for easier selection
  • Clear standard format – Key Features, Typical Applications
  • Responsive website to suit modern screen sizes

We will continue to develop the website over the coming months but hope you find the new version a clear improvement. 



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The website has a new modern look, in keeping with the overall Gill company branding. The main structure of the…


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