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Aviation / airport wind measurement

Accurate observation and reporting of surface wind at airports

Increase safety at airports

Accurate observation and measurement of surface wind at airports is essential to ensure the safe take off and landing of aircraft. The wind speed and direction information forms part of the airport’s Automatic Weather Observing System (AWOS).

Maximise airport efficiency

In extreme weather conditions and without accurate weather data, airports are forced to close runways thereby reducing efficiency. By using suitable robust measuring systems airports can remain open until optimal operational safety limits are reached.

Recommended wind sensors for airport wind measurement…

WindObserver 70 3d sonic anemometers

WindObserver 70 will monitor wind speeds up to 70m/s (157mph), with an optional high-power anti-icing heating system. WindObserver70 is available with a range of mounting and connection options and has been accepted for service by the FAA and CAA for reporting of surface wind in airport applications.

WindSonic Metal Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

WindSonic M has a hard-anodized aluminium alloy construction and optional heating system extending the operational temperature range. This rugged product is particularly suited to extreme environments.