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Meteorological instruments for power line wind measurement

Wind speed measurement

The efficiency of power lines is affected by wind conditions. When cold weather generates demand for more electricity, power lines heat up and then stretch and sag. In these circumstances wind can have two effects, it can help to cool the line, but may also cause the line to sway and touch high trees resulting in a short circuit discharge to ground, which can sometimes trigger a major power outage. Gill wind anemometers are often used to monitor power line condition and are normally placed on the pylon. Due to the height, the vertical component of the wind speed is also important.

Recommended instruments and sensors for power & energy

WindMaster Pro multi-purpose 3-axis anemometers

For this type of application Gill WindMaster Pro is recommended. With a rugged stainless steel construction able to survive the high wind speeds often experienced in these applications, and a fast data output rate of 32Hz WindMaster Pro is the ideal choice.

MetConnect One ultrasonic weaather station with multi parameters

MetConnect is a compact multi-sensor professional weather station providing wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity and dew point measurements, with capability to connect auxiliary sensors and combine all inputs into one serial data output.