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Intelligent communications hub

Intelligent communications hub

MetStream is an intelligent communications platform capable of linking, processing, bridging, storing and streaming data between devices. Any Gill sensor can be connected to the MetStream Hub and then connected to your device to view the measurement data.

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MetStream technical information

MetStream 100

MetStream intelligent communications hub - more details

Designed and manufactured by Gill Instruments in the UK, MetStream is easy to connect, configure and customise. Simply link up any Gill sensor to the MetStream Hub, connect to your device, fire up a web browser and log in to your MetStream dashboard.

Configure your instruments from the dashboard to display the reading you want to see. Better still, Gill Instruments products sync with the dashboard using a straightforward “pick and click” interface.

Easily customise your MetStream dashboard by switching between measurement units and dial types to display the data you want to see, as you want to see it.