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Safe, reliable and approved meteorological data from Gill Instruments

Gill Instruments will be showcasing the only ultrasonic anemometer with IECEx and ATEX approvals for installation inside Hazardous Areas on stand 9938 at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2015, between 4-7 May 2015 in Houston.

The WindObserver IS with IECEx and ATEX certification can be used in Hazardous Areas.

The WindObserver IS with IECEx and ATEX certification can be used in Hazardous Areas found in offshore environments, chemical processing and other applications where significant quantities of flammable liquids, vapour and combustible dusts could cause fire or explosion. The wind speed and direction sensor will measure wind speeds over the range 0-75 m/s, wind direction over the range 0-359° and requires no maintenance. Paired with a Low Voltage Power Communications Interface (LVPCI) containing all the necessary safety barriers, the WindObserver IS is easy to install and can be connected to the low voltage power distribution systems. The system provides wind speed and direction data for offshore meteorological observations in accordance with UK CAA CAP 437.

Gill’s latest range of MaxiMet compact weather stations will also make its debut at OTC. MaxiMet is an easy-to-use and cost-effective compact weather station suitable for marine and offshore industries.

MaxiMet Compact weather station
MaxiMet is Gill’s latest cost-effective compact weather stations and is available in 9 variants.

Offering the widest range of measurement parameters including wind, temperature, humidity and precipitation amongst others, MaxiMet combines both reliability and quality data in an integrated station. In addition to its measurement options, MaxiMet also features a low power ‘Eco mode’, GPS, Bluetooth and an in-built compass.


MaxiMet is available in 9 variants, is easy to install, small and portable making it well suited to installations on offshore platforms or harbour installations. In addition, MaxiMet’s diverse range of parameters can be tailored for multiple applications such as port weather and on offshore platforms.

Gill Instruments are an internationally renowned manufacturer of high quality ultrasonic anemometers and weather stations for extreme meteorological environments.

For more information on the WindObserver IS, MaxiMet or Gill’s other meteorological instruments visit stand 9938 at OTC.



Gill's WindSonic range of 2-axis wind sensors are popular because of their high accuracy, low cost and excellent reliability. WindSonic now offers even more with WMO-compliant gust measurement.


MaxiMet Marine GMX260 has been added to Gill's latest range of high performing marine weather stations.


Latest generation anemometer demonstrates high performance under extreme conditions


WindUltra, Gill's latest high performance wind sensors, are proving to be market leading on a number of fronts:


MaxiMet now has extended performance in freezing conditions due to the new heated option.


Fantastic achievement by Saildrone to gain a Guiness World Record for the highest wind speed recorded by a USV. We're very proud to say they chose a Gill WindMaster 3-axis ultrasonic anemometer as part of their Saildrone platform to measure wind speed and direction.


We are very pleased to announce that Gill Group has been shortlisted in the Supply Chain Excellence category of the Manufacturer MX Awards 2023!


Introducing WindUltra – a step forward in compact, high quality, ultrasonic wind sensing


Introducing the MaxiMet Marine weather station from Gill Instruments. Accurate and reliable data for a range of marine applications.


New Gill MaxiMet compact weather stations brochure