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Compact, high quality ultrasonic wind sensors

Compact, high quality ultrasonic wind sensors

WindUltra compact ultrasonic anemometers have been developed for use in a wide range of applications. WindUltra is Gill’s smallest and lightest anemometer. It can be used in land or marine applications for stand-alone measurements or as part of a larger measurement or monitoring system. WindUltra has a robust design, accurate measurement capability, and is easy to install and use.

Key Features

Typical Applications

WindUltra technical information


WindUltra compact, lightweight 2-axis ultrasonic wind sensors (anemometers) - more details

Designed and manufactured by Gill Instruments in the UK, WindUltra ultrasonic anemometers accurately and reliably measure wind speed and direction.

Accurate and easy to use, WindUltra is robust and easy to install and maintain.   

Output protocol options for WindUltra include RS485, MODBUS, NMEA, SDI-12. 

Environmental protection to IP66, IP68, IP69k.

Ultrasonic technology is used in WindUltra wind sensors to deliver highly accurate measurements with no moving parts to wear or recalibrate, making WindUltra anemometers extremely reliable and low maintenance. WindUltra anemometers are alternatives to traditional cup and vane or propeller wind sensors but with all the benefits of solid-state ultrasonic technology.